Highest iPhone speed: 89 WPM by Kyle Ota !  

Highest iPad speed: 103 WPM by Kyle Ota !  

Now on iPad!

iTextSpeed is used by the fastest virtual keyboard typists in the world to practice and measure speed and accuracy.

iTextSpeed helps you improve your typing speed, and lets you share your results with friends.

Playing iTextSpeed

The game begins when you press the Play button. The goal is to type the words that appear as quickly as possible. Each word should be entered followed by space or return.

When the game ends, you're presented with your results. If you've connected iTextSpeed to Facebook or Twitter and are connected to the internet, you can share your results with your friends.

iTextSpeed stores your results and shows you your best and average times for different game settings via the History button. You can reset your History information using the Clear History button.

iTextSpeed News

iTextSpeed News keeps you up to date with any information and updates about iTextSpeed and lets you see what other people are saying about iTextSpeed.

iTextSpeed Mission

iTextSpeed is designed to help you improve your virtual typing speed and efficiency. iTextSpeed eschews flashy gameplay mechanics, focusing solely on improving actual typing speed results.

How iTextSpeed calculates your WPM

iTextSpeed calculates your words per minute score based on the average word length of 4.5 characters for the 500 most common English words.

When slang is enabled the word set includes 620 different words with different cases, including the 500 most common English words. The WPM calculation is based on the average length of 4.3 characters for the slang word set.